About Time!

I  started this blog about 18 months ago; then stopped. Why? I did not take my own advice. I was afraid, at my age, to  do anything new. Now I don’t care. I am going to give you my thoughts, in the best tradition of a tribal elder. And you, you can read them, ignore them, or leave and never return. It makes no difference to me. This will refine my life. If it helps yours, fine. If it is stupid and the mutterings of an old man, so be it. But, at the very least, to me, it is better than sitting in my chair watching TV. 

Adapting to old age!

The ability to adapt to changing conditions is what allowed humans to evolve. On a smaller scale, it is what will enable you to age comfortably. Since over 99% of us will probably die, shouldn’t we seek comfort as we age?

Comfort is successful adaptation to changing conditions. How can you make the most of what you have, or don’t have. I am deaf.

Old people are reluctant to adapt. They insist on not moving out of large homes; they keep their clutter around them, to stumble over, they drive too long, the list is endless. You need to look in the mirror and maximize what you do with the reflection.

Comfort is the goal. If you are comfortable fat, dozing in a recliner, in front of a TV, so be it. I won’t try to change you. But, if you are happier and more comfortable living in a manageable environment, with friends, and having some control over your situation, then maybe we can share some ideas.