I have been aware that the US was going to get out of Afghanistan for at least 8 months. I know that everyone seemed to be in agreement that our Afghan allies, translators, etc. had been promised rescue. As  trusted allies of the US they were vetted, I hope.

Today, I turned on my I-phone and accessed  my Bank of America account. I looked at the I-phone and got a “Face ID“ message, pressed continue, was sent a code number, pressed continue again, and was into all my Bank of America accounts, safely and with no problem.

If Bank of America and I-phone can do this, what is wrong with the military. Surely the military at the air base in Kabul is not so backward that they are not aware of facial recognition software. 

Why weren’t all trusted allies and their families photographed with a facial recognition camera and their photos posted in the cloud and made available to the people at the gates of the air base in Kabul? Why wasn’t this done at the initial vetting or by the Americans that they worked with?

Any Afghan who gets a positive response at the gate should br put on a plane and sent to a safe place. They have already been vetted and we have trusted them with our lives.

What am I missing?

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