DEFAULT MEALS, a simple solution for older living!


 Meals are a source of conflict. No two, or more, people can agree on what to have. 
All the usual excuses apply: “it’s too early to decide, I don’t know, what would you like, what do we have in the refrigerator, do you want to go out? Where? And…

We take our guidance from the past several presidents; the Executive Order; or, in my case, the default meal. 

This means that I come up with a meal plan, which we will have unless someone comes up with a better plan, which I will accept. I am not obnoxious about my plan, nor is it set in concrete; it is just a simple way of getting on with things. 
We are staying with my in-laws for two weeks and everyone is being nice. 

Two nights ago I came up with a local restaurant that I am fond of. No problem.  Everyone enjoyed it, and seemed happy not to have to make a decision.

Last night it was chicken wings, coleslaw and fresh corn on the cob with tiramisu for dessert. Again, no problem and everyone liked it. 

Tonight, I announced hamburgers, bean and salad. And, of course, wine. No objections.

I may have pushed it far enough that someone else comes up with a default meal. I hope so. 
This has simplified my life; used up aging food in the refrigerator and made everyone happier. 

Old age should be about stress free simplicity. Default meals are a nice start. 


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