The Geezer is still young, but increasingly in denial. He will never fall like other old people, but….. Thinking ahead and noting that the towel racks in his bathroom were always loose (wonder why?), the Geezer while still “rational”  has installed what he sees as “decorative” towel bars, but which can support 500 pounds.

When he experiences a “senior moment,” he has something to grab. More important, it was his choice; and, not a result of the “none too subtle” remarks from his kids. Besides, grab bars make great towel bars; they don’t come loose and clang to the floor when you are only reaching for a towel.

Good taste dictated not showing the Geezer using the grab bars.

geezerTest: The Geezer tests his balance everyday by putting on his underpants while standing and without support.  Do this only if you have a soft place to land.  Do not do near hard objects that have sharp corners.

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