FRANK’S in Tucson

Frank’s may be out of your comfort zone, but that will change, once you eat there. From the stools at the counter to the breakfast specials, it could be any small town in the  mid-west or SouthWest. $1.75 for two eggs, hash browns and toast any week-day morning; and all the coffee you can drink for $1.85. The only place I have been where the coffee is more than the breakfast, but still reasonable, so leave a nice tip.

It is clean, but old and friendly, just like me. Don’t miss it. You can always go to the chains. Look at the photos on the web site and you will see what I mean. And, check out the menu.

Franks Restaurant
3843 E. Pima St
Tucson, AZ 85716

NEW MEXICO – What the geezer plans!!!

New Mexico in the next few months is full of interesting things to do that you might not otherwise consider; and, which may be out of your comfort zone.

The geezer will hit:

The Gathering of Nations on April 24-26 in Albuquerque.  “North America’s Biggest Pow-Wow.”

The Dutch Oven Cook-off in Glenwood, NM on April 5, 2014. I haven’t cooked in a dutch oven in 60 years; besides, Silver City has some great restaurants, art galleries and hotels; not to mention Silver City history and the near-by open-pit mines.

In the late summer you don’t want to miss:

The annual Deming Duck Race on August 22-25. 2014;

and 50 miles away on August 31 to September 1, 2014, The Hatch Chile Festival. Remember, if you are not used to it, Hatch Chile can be very hot.

And, between Hatch, NM and Deming, NM you can see large dairies that have immigrated from Wisconsin and other places plus a big wind farm and a solar farm; both generating electricity for thousands of homes. Around Deming you will find vineyards and wineries not to mention several Border Patrol check-points where they will stop you and take a quick look in your car. Remember we are only a few miles from the Mexican-US Border.

If you can’t make it this year, calendar the dates and web sites. These events will be going for a long time.

BUT, don’t just look at this. Subscribe to the Tourist e-mails for each state that you are going through. And don’t be afraid to participate; and, do find a place to stay in advance.

Things That Annoy Old People – an assignment for seniors???

In last Sunday’s New York Times there was an article entitled “Fields of Study Creativity.”  Dr. Cyndi Burnett had each student in her “Introduction to Creative Studies” Class at Buffalo State College write down 100 things that bothered them. She then had them come up with solutions.

I have attended three, week-long workshops put on by the Creative Problem Solving Institute at SUNY Buffalo State College, albeit, almost 30 years ago. Needless to say, I was much younger, but Dr. Burnett’s article got me to thinking about being old, creativity, and the difference 50 years might make.

I seem to be annoyed by a lot of things in the course of a day; and, the usual result it that I am annoyed, period. Perhaps if I came up with 100 things that annoyed me, Dr. Burnett’s class would take a look at them and come up with creative, or at least off-the-wall solutions. Imagine a 19-year-old thinking about what irritates a 73-year-old. Maybe I don’t want to hear the solutions. Then, again,  maybe I should think outside this 73-year-old box myself.

To the students in Dr. Burnett’s class: This is not so off the wall as you might think; ten thousand of us turn 65 every day and we are going to live for a long time and be annoyed a lot. Think about it! Am I an opportunity lurking out there.

I looked in the mirror and checked the calendar: I need to think outside the box.

Wooden Coffin

Thinking Outside the Box!!!


Geezer Can’t Hear the Question!!!

Have you ever gone to a lecture where the speaker takes questions from  the audience? Usually the speaker has a mike; and, usually the questioner does not. So, if you are old and deaf, like me, you get the answer, but not the question. There you are floundering about in the netherworld of the hearing impaired.

Why aren’t public speakers aware of their audience? I can understand if they are speaking to a general audience, but if the audience is made up mostly of people my age, why can’t they repeat the question; or, at least summarize it?



Speed dial numbers that you should have on your smart phone while travelling. It wouldn’t hurt to have them there all the time.

1. ICE              (in case of emergency numbers) ICE-1 Spouse; ICE-2 Child; etc.

2. Airline rebooking/travel agent    (If the flight is cancelled, you don’t want to stand in line.)

3. Your children

4. Personal physician

5. Travel insurance provider

6. Hotel

7. Neighbor

8. Person caring for you pet

9. Pharmacist

10. Tour guide/director

11. American Embassy

Maybe you don’t need these on speed dial, but at least you should have the numbers. Since you may have to rebook a cancelled flight, lose your medicine, forget to do something at home, etc. Have one of your grand-kids program your smart phone and then  tape it to the back of your phone. The kid can also show you how to access the speed dial.

You are too old to try to figure out what to do and where to get numbers in a crowded airport; when you have had your possessions stolen,  or when you have just discovered that you forgot to bring some pill that you “must have,” probably the Viagra.

You might even want to add a few more numbers, but don’t add too many; you will only get confused.

Make sure that  your phone works in the country you are going to. Most of the services provide for access for a few weeks wherever you are. Call them and ask.


SPEED DIALING FOR geezers on the go!


I am 73. I track my “real age” on, which has now become The factors considered are the same ones that my doctor looks at. Even if there are questions, I do not see how you can go wrong by not smoking, losing weight, and doing things in moderation. I am not interested in living longer; but am interested in living better. I want to minimize today’s   pains and problems.

Today at 73, I went onto  and  based on my answers to the questionnaire have a real age of 66.2 years.

While I feel good about this, what is more important is that on I can change my answers to determine if there is a benefit to making life style changes. My actual weight is 207, which resulted in a “real age” of  66.2 years. I changed the weight to 180 pounds, and came up with a “real age” of 65.7. The difference may be small but I will feel better. And, my doctor told me yesterday that I needed to lose a “few” pounds.

You can change the input and see what you need to do for a better “real age.”  Try it with eating habits, smoking, drinking, etc.

I may try to update this each month which may give me incentive to go from 207 to 180.