Speed dial numbers that you should have on your smart phone while travelling. It wouldn’t hurt to have them there all the time.

1. ICE              (in case of emergency numbers) ICE-1 Spouse; ICE-2 Child; etc.

2. Airline rebooking/travel agent    (If the flight is cancelled, you don’t want to stand in line.)

3. Your children

4. Personal physician

5. Travel insurance provider

6. Hotel

7. Neighbor

8. Person caring for you pet

9. Pharmacist

10. Tour guide/director

11. American Embassy

Maybe you don’t need these on speed dial, but at least you should have the numbers. Since you may have to rebook a cancelled flight, lose your medicine, forget to do something at home, etc. Have one of your grand-kids program your smart phone and then  tape it to the back of your phone. The kid can also show you how to access the speed dial.

You are too old to try to figure out what to do and where to get numbers in a crowded airport; when you have had your possessions stolen,  or when you have just discovered that you forgot to bring some pill that you “must have,” probably the Viagra.

You might even want to add a few more numbers, but don’t add too many; you will only get confused.

Make sure that  your phone works in the country you are going to. Most of the services provide for access for a few weeks wherever you are. Call them and ask.


SPEED DIALING FOR geezers on the go!