Polygamy and Seniors? More wives for the geezer???

The New York Times had an article  that got me to thinking about old age and the “next frontier:” Polygamy for old people. The article involved a law suit in Las Vegas that approved cohabitation that  seems to amount to polygamy; one man, four women and 17 children. Maybe that is the answer to old age.

There are many more  women over 70 than men. And, it gets “better,” or “worse” as you grow older. However, perhaps we should thing about it for a bit.

It would be cheaper. Most of us live in homes too big for us. One home for five people would cut down on housing expenses.

There would always be someone to look after you, hopefully.

Think of up to 10 children and 30+ grandchildren moving back into the next.

Think of the inheritance problems.

Hopefully, one of the wives would be young and could still drive.

How would you divide up the chores?

If one dies, could you bring in a new “spouse?”

Could you get a long-term care policy with four wives?

Would you have to be licensed as a long-term care facility?

What about zoning ordinances for single family residences?

Any chance of four marriage licenses?

What benefits could you tap?

A discount from Meals on Wheels?

If you spaced the wives correctly, there could always be a designated “care giver.”

Anyway, since this is an irreverent guide to aging, I thought I would bring it up as an alternative. Something is going to have to happen with 10,000 people a day turning 65. And, with the next generation not being financially prepared for old age, we might be back to communes, which we all remember.

If the 60’s could give us communes; and, if all the flower children are in their 70’s…. One thing about us, is we haven’t forgotten our youth. Imagine Hog Farm for seniors! I need to revisit Llano, New Mexico. It’s been 50 years.

My wife is not interested.

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