Old people, even if they have money, like a deal. That is why there are senior fares, early bird special dinners and shared plates.

Books are also free, or cheap, and not just for old people. Vacation places all over the world have spots where you can take a free book and a place where you can leave a book that you have read.

It is especially good when you think about carrying a bunch of books on plane flights, given the cost of checked bags and the weight.

One example is Indian Rocks Beach, Florida. On the beach access walks you will find small book shelters with a number of recent books; especially those designed for beach or vacation reading.

Every senior center has a library where you can borrow a book and leave a book. All libraries have a book sale room where hard-bounds are $1, or so, and paperbacks are 25 cents.

So, next time you are on a trip, go for the free, or almost free, books.



Indian Rocks Beach, Florida free book mini-library.

Indian Rocks Beach, Florida free book mini-library.


Take a book, leave a book.

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