Businessman in a capsule hotel

Baby Boom has his own room.

Storage room

Baby Boom’s room is in a complex with others.

Meals delivered weekly in styrofoam boxes.

Meals Like Your Mother Used to Make!

robot nurse holding the syringe 3d illustration

A nurse is on duty 24/7.

Given the number of baby boomers, the economic climate, and the scarcity of children willing or able to take care of Baby Boom, the Geezer thinks that long-term care in 2026, if it exists, will be different; and, probably not to Baby Boom’s liking.

Geezer has profiled Baby Boom, even though profiling is not politically correct. Here is the Geezer’s profile of  Baby Boom and what she/he can look forward to in 2016. The geezer will be 85! He is five years ahead of the tsunami of baby boomers.


  1. Overweight and loves processed and fast food
  2. No long-term care insurance
  3. Little if any savings
  4. Children who live in another town; or, no children
  5. Worried about Social Security, which has been frozen, reduced, eliminated or privatized
  6. Does not have a pension; or, if so, it is a small defined  contribution plan and invested in the stock market by Baby Boom’s brother-in-law
  7. Conservative, but thinks that the government owes him/her and should take care of him/her
  8. Ready to invest in a get rich quick scheme with savings/pension
  9. Lover of prescription drugs
  10. Doesn’t exercise
  11. Worried about employment until he/she can retire;  and, if  Baby Boom has to work beyond 65, about who will hire him/her.
  12. Saving up his/her illness and health problems until he/she can qualify for Medicare, which may not exist or with high co-pays.
  13. Thinks the value of real estate (his/her home) will keep going up; after all, they are not making any more real estate.

I don’t want to scare you! Most Geezers are ok. Geezers got old while the getting was good; Baby Boom may have missed the boat. Not to worry; Baby Boom will probably not read this.

I like the nurse; maybe she could start work before 2026.

Hopefully, I have offended you; and, encouraged you to stick your head even further into the sand!


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