Eating can be a problem for seniors. You have to shop. You have to prepare. You have to have the right spices and you end up with too much of unusual spices. The result is the same old same old. You are also afraid to try anything new. And, if you qualify for meals-on-wheels, it is usually bland and if you have ever looked in an old person’s freezer you find it crammed with old meals-on-wheels.

We have been trying Blue Apron. We can order it on a weekly basis and get three meals for two people. The box  of ingredients arrives by FedEx on Thursday with freezer packs that have always been frozen solid. The box contain everything that you need and in the exact amounts that you need. If it is spicy, you are cautioned to add less of the spice. You also get pictures and instructions on how to prepare the meal in about 30 minutes. The net result is dinner for two, or even three, as the portions are large. It is quick and easy, but does require some concentration; which is not all bad.

Blue Apron Crispy Cod & Zuzu-Shoyu Soba Meal

Blue Apron Crispy Cod & Zuzu-Shoyu Soba Meal ready for the geezer to cook.

The ingredients above, which cost $20 and was delivered on a Thursday, became the following meal on a Friday.

Blue Apron Crispy Cod & Zuzu-Shoyu Soba Meal

Blue Apron Crispy Cod & Zuzu-Shoyu Soba Meal ready for the geezer to eat. Recipe photo behind wine.

The cost is $60 for three meals for two person each; or ten bucks a meal per person. This includes shipping. The food has always arrived a day early, Thursday instead of Friday, and has always been frozen solid, or cool, depending on the food. Each box has two freezer packs which can be reused, recycled, or given to a friend.

We have tried about 40 meals. Each week you get a selection of three meals which you can choose from six selections; although you are somewhat limited in that you can’t just pick the expensive stuff. Looking ahead a few weeks, the three meals are: Seared Steak and Fingerling Potatoes; Cajun-spiced Chicken; and, Spicy pork and Rice Bowls.

The wine was not included, but Blue Apron has a wine service.

You can also order two meals a week for four people each and have neighbors in.

There are several other services, but we have not tried them.

Best of all, Blue Apron relies on sustainable farming, no food waste and fresh ingredients without additives. They will even help you recycle the boxes and the freezer packs, but I have found that friends who go camping love them.


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