The goal is to live well, not long. You want to feel good and be able to move. There are millions of things for sale and on the internet that claim to be able to help you live longer. Most of it is BS! This is what I think. It is not medical advice; however,  it is the basis for living well:

  1. EXERCISE: Walk, weights, yoga  or physical therapy. Anyone can do these things and all of them are cheap or free. Join Silver Sneakers.
  2. NON-PROCESSED FOOD: Michael Pollen has put it best: “Eat food, not too much, mostly plants.”
  3. SOCIAL LIFE: Get together with friends and family – at restaurants, at the senior center, at the library, or while exercising.. This will give you stimulus and more importantly will provide a safety net in the form of people who are aware of your existence and problems and  stimulus in the form of new ideas. Remember how the rocking chair on the front porch used to attract people walking by?
  4. FINANCIAL: The keys are to live within your means; have payments set up automatically; and, have a mentor who can advise about choices and scams.
  5. DANGER LISTS: Recognize your dangers: falls, hearing, eyesight, memory, household defects, driving, medical care, etc, and deal with them. We need a senior algorithm.
  6. PROJECTS: Have something to do; a hobby, volunteer, part-time job, etc. Most old people miss their job. Have something to take its place. Like a blog – geezer2go.com – even if it is silly.
  7. MEDICINES AND HEALTH PROBLEMS: Check your meds. Your pharmacist will give you a list of what you take. Do you really need all these medicine and how do they react with each other.

SIMPLIFY – live for wellness today; not for a long life in an institution.