Most old people prefer books; not electronic readers like Kindle. There is a learning curve, like most things, before you are comfortable with an electronic gadget. If you are old, the learning is worth the effort. You will be out of your comfort zone for a while, but will soon find a new comfort zone that will suit you.

With a Kindle from Amazon there are  9 things that you can do that you can’t do with a hardcover book.

  1. You can check out books from many libraries at home and receive the book on your Kindle. All you need is a library card, no trip to the library required.
  2. You can change the size of the type; always good given old eyes. See below.
  3. Kindle books are cheaper on Amazon than the hard bound editions.
  4. A Kindle reader weighs less than most hard bound books. It can be the size and weight of a paperback or it can be incorporated into your i-Pad.
  5. A Kindle reader holds thousands of books.
  6. You can subscribe to magazines on Kindle.
  7. You can subscribe to newspapers on Kindle.
  8. You can get a lot of free books on Kindle, including the classics that you always meant to read.
  9. You have one book size gadget to carry around, not a lot of books. This is great for travel.


regular Kindle text

Smaller Text From Kindle Book as the geezer would see it.

Enlarged Kindle Text

Kindle Text enlarged so that the geezer could read it.