TIME TO GAG (Grandparents Against Guns) CONGRESS!!

I tried to find out how many members of the US House and Senate were grandparents but could not easily locate that data. I did find their ages and most of them are old enough to  qualify as grandparents.

Even if they are not willing to think about the rest of us, they should at least consider their grandchildren.

They should all support GAG (Grandparents Against Guns.)  Write them!


Ancient pistol isolated on whiteAllow possession of guns in existence at the time of  the adoption of the  2nd Amendment to the US Constitution: 1791.

GAG (Grandparents Against Guns)

Not My Grandchild!

Perhaps it is time that those of us who are grandparents take a stand against guns. We can start small and use MADD as an example.

1. No automatic weapons.

2. No weapons in schools or other places with a large number of children,

3. No concealed weapons.

4. All guns registered and licensed. Owners, and those in possession, facing at least the same restrictions as car owners/drivers.

5. Mandatory jail time for anyone caught with an illegal weapon; no exceptions.

6. No illegal weapon “grandfathered in.”

7. Absolute liability of gun owners/users/possessors similar to the liability of an owner/possessor/keeper of a wild animal.

8. All gun owners required to have liability insurance.

Think about it….