GAG (Grandparents Against Guns)

Not My Grandchild!

Perhaps it is time that those of us who are grandparents take a stand against guns. We can start small and use MADD as an example.

1. No automatic weapons.

2. No weapons in schools or other places with a large number of children,

3. No concealed weapons.

4. All guns registered and licensed. Owners, and those in possession, facing at least the same restrictions as car owners/drivers.

5. Mandatory jail time for anyone caught with an illegal weapon; no exceptions.

6. No illegal weapon “grandfathered in.”

7. Absolute liability of gun owners/users/possessors similar to the liability of an owner/possessor/keeper of a wild animal.

8. All gun owners required to have liability insurance.

Think about it….

3 Comments on “GAG (Grandparents Against Guns)”

  1. Dr. Claudia Johnson says:

    I posted this on Facebook — had the very same thought (GAG/Granparents Against Guns) today. Grandparents unite!

  2. Vera Lofaro says:

    Me too, count me in

  3. Susan Anderson says:

    Woke up thinking we need a Grandparents Against Guns Initiative. Even thought GAG – this is no joke. Count me in before it is too late.

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