Last Saturday I took my two guns, a single shot rifle, at least 100 years old that I had bought mail order when I was 12; and, a single shot 4-10 shotgun that I have not fired in over 50 years.

I went twice. At 9:00 the line was too long, so I returned at 11:30, and there was no line, and no more gift cards. There were over 30 guys on the sidewalk in front of the police station with signs offering to buy my guns; yelling at me as I parked my car. It looked like a casting call for the remake of the movie “Deliverance.”

I chose to donate my guns; I couldn’t bring myself to sell them to the fat slobs yelling at me.

Three hundred guns were collected, among them a “Street Sweeper” shotgun.

They are going to do it again in a week.

Hopefully we saved a few more grandkids.

The Geezer Trades Guns!


Geezer’s Guns!

The Geezer owns two guns. The upper one he ordered from a magazine ad 60 years ago when he was 12. It came in the mail, with bullets, and was a single shot rifle that probably dated to WW I. The second is a 4-10 gauge single-shot, shot gun used to hunt doves and ducks in Kansas and pheasants in Iowa, in the 50’s. Neither has been fired for over 50 years.

On Saturday I will trade these two guns for two $100 Visa Cards at a police station in Albuquerque. I can’t think of any reason I need them and the rifle only cost me $14 in the 50’s. I no longer have bullets for either of them. The guns will be destroyed.

This grandfather is ridding himself of guns, even though these guns are not on anyone’s list as guns that should be banned. The Geezer does not know why he bought the rifle by mail-order when he was 12; except that several of his friends were doing it, and in 1952, no one thought it was a big problem.

To be honest, I do have fond memories of dove hunting season in Kansas which started on Labor Day and pheasant  hunting along the railroad tracks in Iowa. In those days all the farmers had hedgerows around their land that provided a home for all sorts of wild birds and animals; since then, they have plowed right to the edge of the road, but I hear hedgerows are coming back; and maybe the doves and pheasants.

In any event, it is a different time and Grandparents Against Guns (GAG) mostly have no need of even these guns. The few who hunt should be allowed to keep their guns as long as they register them and keep them locked away from grandchildren.





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Breaking: Five Dead in South Valley Shooting

A male juvenile is in custody this morning following a shooting in the South Valley that left five people dead.

In an email from Bernalillo County officials, a shooting took place on Long Lane SW Saturday evening. Deputies were dispatched and found an adult male, an adult female and three children dead.

All victims appeared to have suffered multiple gunshot wounds. Multiple weapons appeared to have been used including an assault-type rifle. The investigation is ongoing and the identities of the victims have not been release, officials said.

A male  juvenile is in custody and is being charged with two counts of murder, and three counts of child abuse resulting in death.


GAG (Grandparents Against Guns) has focused on grandchildren, as it should; however, while I was looking up statistics involving children, I found numbers involving guns and those over 65.  GAG has found that those who are, or could be, grandparents die from guns at a much higher rate than children.

Today I am interested in death by gun; in the future, I will deal with injuries to the youngest and oldest from firearms.

The raw statistics on death from firearms in 2009 speak for themselves:

Accidental discharge of firearms:

Children under 15                   48

Old people –  over 65             78


Children under 15                   64

Old People – over 65          4248


Children under 15                234

Old People – over 65           361

Undetermined Intent:

Children under 15                  8

Old People – over 65           23

These deaths are only the youngest and the oldest; not included are the thousands between the ages of 15 and 65.

Suicide by means other than firearms for those over 65 resulted in 1610 deaths; thus, suicide by firearms was almost three times that of all other means combined for old people.


Click to access nvsr60_03.pdf


GAG (Grandparents Against Guns) wants to know where the grandparents are?

Are they in Congress?

Are they in the NRA?

Are they in State Government?

Are they in Local Government?

Are they still working for the gun manufacturers?

Are they retired from any of the above?

Are they attending gun shows?

Are they working as armed security guards in schools?

Are they taking classes in how to use automatic weapons?


By definition, they have grandkids.

They vote more than other age groups.

They have money.

They have time.




The Stockholm Solution!


Grandparents Against Guns likes the Stockholm Solution!

I wonder how many assault rifles you would have to melt down to make this!

The Geezer took this photo in Stockholm, Sweden in October 2012.

GAG (Grandparents Against Guns) What is it?

GAG is grass-roots. Nothing more than an idea. It only exists here.  It comes from a 72 year-old grandfather in Albuquerque, NM who just took a WordPress course. GAG is not incorporated; does not raise funds; and, has no officers, directors or rules. Maybe we should change that; but, for today, it is just an idea.

It is now your idea; your grassroots moment. It is whatever you make it. It is how you feel as a grandparent each time you look at  your grandchildren.

Grandparents exist to protect and guide their grandchildren. No one should stalk them: no one should harm them. Grandparents have nothing to lose; except for their grandchildren, who have everything to lose.

Be a grandparent. No guns near grandchildren.

TIME TO GAG (Grandparents Against Guns) CONGRESS!!

I tried to find out how many members of the US House and Senate were grandparents but could not easily locate that data. I did find their ages and most of them are old enough to  qualify as grandparents.

Even if they are not willing to think about the rest of us, they should at least consider their grandchildren.

They should all support GAG (Grandparents Against Guns.)  Write them!


Ancient pistol isolated on whiteAllow possession of guns in existence at the time of  the adoption of the  2nd Amendment to the US Constitution: 1791.

GAG (Grandparents Against Guns)

Not My Grandchild!

Perhaps it is time that those of us who are grandparents take a stand against guns. We can start small and use MADD as an example.

1. No automatic weapons.

2. No weapons in schools or other places with a large number of children,

3. No concealed weapons.

4. All guns registered and licensed. Owners, and those in possession, facing at least the same restrictions as car owners/drivers.

5. Mandatory jail time for anyone caught with an illegal weapon; no exceptions.

6. No illegal weapon “grandfathered in.”

7. Absolute liability of gun owners/users/possessors similar to the liability of an owner/possessor/keeper of a wild animal.

8. All gun owners required to have liability insurance.

Think about it….