GAG (Grandparents Against Guns) What is it?

GAG is grass-roots. Nothing more than an idea. It only exists here.  It comes from a 72 year-old grandfather in Albuquerque, NM who just took a WordPress course. GAG is not incorporated; does not raise funds; and, has no officers, directors or rules. Maybe we should change that; but, for today, it is just an idea.

It is now your idea; your grassroots moment. It is whatever you make it. It is how you feel as a grandparent each time you look at  your grandchildren.

Grandparents exist to protect and guide their grandchildren. No one should stalk them: no one should harm them. Grandparents have nothing to lose; except for their grandchildren, who have everything to lose.

Be a grandparent. No guns near grandchildren.

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