GAG (Grandparents Against Guns) has focused on grandchildren, as it should; however, while I was looking up statistics involving children, I found numbers involving guns and those over 65.  GAG has found that those who are, or could be, grandparents die from guns at a much higher rate than children.

Today I am interested in death by gun; in the future, I will deal with injuries to the youngest and oldest from firearms.

The raw statistics on death from firearms in 2009 speak for themselves:

Accidental discharge of firearms:

Children under 15                   48

Old people –  over 65             78


Children under 15                   64

Old People – over 65          4248


Children under 15                234

Old People – over 65           361

Undetermined Intent:

Children under 15                  8

Old People – over 65           23

These deaths are only the youngest and the oldest; not included are the thousands between the ages of 15 and 65.

Suicide by means other than firearms for those over 65 resulted in 1610 deaths; thus, suicide by firearms was almost three times that of all other means combined for old people.


Click to access nvsr60_03.pdf

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