Until we are old, most of us travel to vacation, to visit relatives or for business. After 60 there are other reasons to travel and to seek experiences that we did not seek when we were younger. This is not an exhaustive list, but simply the list of one old geezer. You should make your own list with this proviso: by definition travel is about the journey, not the destination; especially when you are old.


Geezer walking the Camino de Santiago 500 mile pilgrimage route at age 60.

Here are 10 ideas; none of which involve television. All will change you. They might even make you more interesting. Not the usual vacation.

  1. Pilgrimages – There are a number of great ones in addition to the Camino de Santiago. Try the Hajj Pilgrimage, Japanese Shikoku Pilgrimage, etc.         Google: “Pilgrimages”
  2. Health – Spas, yoga camps, Blue Zones.  Google: “Health”
  3. Genealogy – Don’t just trace your family history by sitting at a computer; trip it. Visit the homes of your ancestors; discover their environments. Visit their homes, schools, work places and cemetaries.
  4. Physical adventure – You can do more than you think. Road ScholarSenior Olympics
  5. Out of your comfort zone. – Visit black churches, Mosque, Catholic Churches; 7th Day Adventists, etc. Visit nursing homes, assisted living facilities in various states –  usually a free meal in exchange for the sales pitch. Find out what you have to look forward to.
  6. VolunteerHabitat for Humanity, church groups, national parks, museums, nature centers, the list is endless.
  7. College – Seniors can usually get reduced tuition and in the summer dorm rooms. Try the London School of Economics for a summer dorm room.
  8. Reunions – What has your family, college, or town done since you left 50 years ago.
  9. Family – track down your living, and dead, relatives
  10. Political – Local, state and national – Indivisible – Remember the  political activism of the 60’s. There is still a need and now you are older, smarter and richer. You can make a difference again!!!


Roma recycling discarded construction materials at Habitat  For Humanity site in Macedonia.





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