You should not be trying to prolong life; but trying to make your present life better. Statistically, most people die. It seems to me that there are a few simple rules that you can follow that will make your health and life better, even if it does not extend your life.

My purpose is to have a few more interesting, non-painful, experiences. There is nothing interesting about having dementia or being in a coma. I think that doing the following will help.

Remember! I have no medical expertise and don’t really have a clue what I am talking about, so TRUST, BUT VERIFY!

  1. Walk – almost everyone can do this in one way or another. Do it every day. You may have to do it in a wheelchair or with a walker, but do it.
  2. “Eat food, not too much, mostly vegetables.”  Michael  Pollan
  3. List all the medicines that you take. Ask your pharmacist what they are for; how they react with each other; and, what the side effects are. Then ask your Doctor, why?
  4. Simplify – You don’t need much to be old successfully. Food, shelter and clothing – plus a few friends and a purpose or two; all of which can be obtained simply.  You don’t want to be taking care of a bunch of junk that you are not going to take with you; and, you don’t want to be falling over it or fearing that someone will take it away. Besides, there is not much storage space in your assisted living room.
  5. Problem solve! – Think! Old age  has definite parameters. Your whole life has had rules and parameters; what is so different about old age? All sports are based on rules. All societies have rules. Learn the parameters of old age and then play the game. You will live longer and happier.
  6. Drink a glass of wine daily, while socializing. The wine and the  company will stand you in good stead.
  7. Don’t use the emergency room unless it is a real emergency. A drugstore clinic can  triage you as a walk-in;  and, if there really is a problem, they will get you to the hospital with a preliminary diagnosis.  A lot less stress and a lot less waiting.
  8. Don’t fall. It is no surprise that falls are the main cause of physical problems for old people. Yoga, grab bars, no clutter and no slippery rugs.
  9. Recognize your disabilities and deal with them. I am really deaf, so I have state of the art hearing aids, am carefull where I sit in relation to people who I am interested in listening to; and, and avoid situations where I need to hear.
  10. Have a contact person if you live alone. I have known people who have fallen, had a stroke, a heart attack, but who were not found for several days. A daily contact  or a lifeline or medical alert  necklace/bracelet that you can wear in the shower can be a life-saver. Too many people  take off their lifeline when they take  a shower, grab for the towel bar when they get out of the shower, slip, fall and are not found for too long.




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