Old people don’t realize the power that they have. They have time, some money, contacts, and an interest in preserving what they have. They probably can’t go back to work; however, there are a number of simple things that they can do that will not only benefit them, but will benefit their way of life and that of their grandchildren.

What problems do you think Trump has created? I know that there are no hard facts yet, but you can get a pretty good idea from his own words, contained in his Executive Orders and in his Twitters. Look at them and decide how you feel about them. What do you agree/disagree with? What is the effect of his words and policies on you?  Then, take action.

There are ten simple things that old people can do to change things.

  1. Call political representatives. House and  Senate.
  2. Join the Gray Panthers.
  3. Actively participate in local elections. Run for office – vote – volunteer.
  4. Attend local precinct meetings/school board meetings.
  5. List and understand problems that are peculiar to old people, and what is proposed for them; then “trump” them.
  6. Prepare, sign and circulate petitions.
  7. Offer to take people to polls and help fellow seniors with absentee ballots.
  8. Attend town hall, picnics, rallies and other political meetings.
  9. Blog – with facts. Anyone can do WordPress. Get computer help at your local senior center.
  10. Join an Indivisible group.

It may take a couple of years, but politicians will get the idea; especially at the grass-roots level. That is how the Tea Party did it and that is how Obama did it.

Think of all the things that may be at risk at your age.

We have the numbers, the talent, the money,  and the ideas to confront and defeat our enemies; especially our internal enemies.

Besides, it is fun, you will meet new people, and you will at last have a worthwhile purpose in life.