Planning for problems!!

Planning for problems!!

Life is a series of problems; and, problem solving. At 75 you are faced with a unique set of possible problems. These are problems which you might not have the time or the ability to solve after 75. You should be aware of them. You should plan for them; or, at least think about them.

Alzheimer’s is the worst. Not for the geezer. If he gets it, it slowly becomes someone else’s problem. The geezer really won’t care once he has gone beyond the initial stages. However,  I can plan for it and for other problems.  A more difficult problem is a spouse’s dementia. It defies logic; which says it all. It is not rational; and, is impossible to deal with.


The following is a list of twelve problems that I have found unique to a post-seventy-five life. These are problems that I worry about. The list is not complete, but is a base to work from. They could come at any time, but seem more unique to old age.

  1. Dementia/Alzheimer’s in a spouse
  2. Serious illness; you or your spouse
  3. Death of a spouse
  4. Elder scams and fraud
  5. Falls
  6. Blindness/deafness
  7. Loneliness/isolation
  8. Insecurity/fear
  9. Transportation
  10. Clutter and too many possessions
  11. Care – medical, home, companion
  12. Financial problems
  13. Transition to Alzheimer’s – The period from normal to “late stage”  Alzheimer’s


The following  magic 7 are essential:

  1. Advance Health Care Directive
  2. Automatic bill payment
  3. A mentor; or someone, preferably a kid, to keep an eye on you and advise you; with a Power of Attorney
  4. A living trust, if you have sufficient assets
  5. Experience with alternate transportation: buses, Uber, senior transportation systems, neighbors with cars.
  6. A social cohort; a group of people, about the same age, that you contact regularly
  7. Third party notifications on bank accounts, stock  accounts, etc. when an unusual, or non-authorized event takes place.





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