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Breaking: Five Dead in South Valley Shooting

A male juvenile is in custody this morning following a shooting in the South Valley that left five people dead.

In an email from Bernalillo County officials, a shooting took place on Long Lane SW Saturday evening. Deputies were dispatched and found an adult male, an adult female and three children dead.

All victims appeared to have suffered multiple gunshot wounds. Multiple weapons appeared to have been used including an assault-type rifle. The investigation is ongoing and the identities of the victims have not been release, officials said.

A male  juvenile is in custody and is being charged with two counts of murder, and three counts of child abuse resulting in death.


Businessman in a capsule hotel

Baby Boom has his own room.

Storage room

Baby Boom’s room is in a complex with others.



robot nurse holding the syringe 3d illustration

A nurse is on duty 24/7.

Given the number of baby boomers, the economic climate, and the scarcity of children, willing or able to take care of Baby Boom; the Geezer thinks that long-term care in 2023, if it exists, will be different; and, probably not to Baby Boom’s liking.

Geezer has profiled Baby Boom, even though profiling is not politically correct. Here is the Geezer’s baker’s dozen profile of  Baby Boom and what she/he needs to look forward to:

  1. Overweight and loves processed and fast food.
  2. No long-term care insurance
  3. Little if any savings
  4. Children who live in another town; or, no children.
  5. Worried about Social Security
  6. Probably does not have a pension; or, if so, it is a small defined  contribution plan and invested in the stock market by Baby Boom’s brother-in-law.
  7. While conservative, thinks that the government should take care of him/her.
  8. Ready to invest in a get rich quick scheme with savings/pension.
  9. Lover of prescription drugs
  10. Doesn’t exercise
  11. Worried about job and being employed until he/she can retire and if  Baby Boom has to work beyond 65, who will hire him/her?
  12. Saving up his/her illness and health problems until he/she can qualify for Medicare.
  13. Thinks the value of real estate (his/her home) will keep going up; after all, they are not making any more real estate.

I don’t want to scare you! Most Geezers are ok. Geezers got old while the getting was good; Baby Boom may have missed the boat. Not to worry; Baby Boom will probably not read this.

I like the nurse; maybe she could start work before 2023.


GAG (Grandparents Against Guns) has focused on grandchildren, as it should; however, while I was looking up statistics involving children, I found numbers involving guns and those over 65.  GAG has found that those who are, or could be, grandparents die from guns at a much higher rate than children.

Today I am interested in death by gun; in the future, I will deal with injuries to the youngest and oldest from firearms.

The raw statistics on death from firearms in 2009 speak for themselves:

Accidental discharge of firearms:

Children under 15                   48

Old people –  over 65             78


Children under 15                   64

Old People – over 65          4248


Children under 15                234

Old People – over 65           361

Undetermined Intent:

Children under 15                  8

Old People – over 65           23

These deaths are only the youngest and the oldest; not included are the thousands between the ages of 15 and 65.

Suicide by means other than firearms for those over 65 resulted in 1610 deaths; thus, suicide by firearms was almost three times that of all other means combined for old people.




You have to be creative to age successfully. You have different health, financial and social parameters. You are faced, not only with the familiar problems of a life time, but a host of new problems. Your ability to solve these problems has changed; and probably not for the better. You must think creatively and you must think out of the “box.”

Of course, there is always the box.

This should offend many of you; and, all of your children.


Old people have a “shelf-life, or “use-by” date. Thinking about your use-by date will help you focus on managing your life; especially your later years.

                                                        GEEZEER @ 71

USE BY 8-8-2030

Wikipedia* defines “use-by date” as:

Generally, foods that have a use by date written on the packaging must not be eaten after the specified date. This is because such foods usually go bad quickly and may be injurious to health if spoiled.

Foods with a “best before date” are usually safe to eat for a time after that date, although they are likely to have deteriorated either in flavour, texture, appearance or nutritional value.

The Geezer has modified the Wikipedia definitions for himself:

Old people have a “use by date” and care must be taken after that date. This is because old people usually go bad quickly and may become injurious to themselves or others.

Old people with a “best before date” usually are safe for a time after that date, although they are likely to have deteriorated in flavor, texture, appearance and value. 

The problem comes in defining the dates; and, we have the same problem that the food industry has. Usually the dates are conservative and the food, or old person, is still “safe” for a period of time after the “date.” It is a guide that warns you to be careful.

Some  senior “best before” dates have been codified:

Driver’s licenses


Social Security






Shelf lives are different for different people; just like food. You need to look in the mirror to determine your shelf life. Then you can best use your life before that date.

Know your “use by” date before it “matures.” You may not know that you are “going bad.”

The “use by” date can frequently be found on the left buttock.



GAG (Grandparents Against Guns) wants to know where the grandparents are?

Are they in Congress?

Are they in the NRA?

Are they in State Government?

Are they in Local Government?

Are they still working for the gun manufacturers?

Are they retired from any of the above?

Are they attending gun shows?

Are they working as armed security guards in schools?

Are they taking classes in how to use automatic weapons?


By definition, they have grandkids.

They vote more than other age groups.

They have money.

They have time.




OODA Loop – For Seniors!

OODA Loop: observe, orient, decide, act.

On Sunday, Thomas Friedman,*  in the New York Times, described  the airforce training principle for use in arial dogfights. Dogfight? Why does the Geezer immediately think of old age and fellow seniors?

Observe where you are, who you are and what your situation is. A mirror helps. List. Don’t  judge at this point; just observe reality, not hopes or fears. Where are you in real time?

Orient yourself using a “senior compass.” Focus on health, economics, family, resources, life expectancy , dementia probabliity, insurance, and any factors unique to you; all the while looking in the mirror. Locate where you are in relation to these factors.

Decide what you are going to do: downsize, move, sell, get a roommate, hospice, long-term care facility. Your decision is based on your observations and orientation; not on what someone else does. The decision should be taken in consultation with your “WingMan.” Test your decision by asking: What happens if I do nothing? Where do I end up?

Act on your decision. You can make adjustments along the way, but you will have a plan thought out; hopefully  prior to senility.

Now you are ready for battle; and, old age is a battle. Your goal is to increase the odds of a pleasant and reasonable old age. It will not be perfect, but will be better than “winging it.” Your “OODA Loop needs to be better than the OODA Loop of old age.

You need a wingman!




The Geezer is still young, but increasingly in denial. He will never fall like other old people, but….. Thinking ahead and noting that the towel racks in his bathroom were always loose (wonder why?), the Geezer while still “rational”  has installed what he sees as “decorative” towel bars, but which can support 500 pounds.

When he experiences a “senior moment,” he has something to grab. More important, it was his choice; and, not a result of the “none too subtle” remarks from his kids. Besides, grab bars make great towel bars; they don’t come loose and clang to the floor when you are only reaching for a towel.

Good taste dictated not showing the Geezer using the grab bars.

geezerTest: The Geezer tests his balance everyday by putting on his underpants while standing and without support.  Do this only if you have a soft place to land.  Do not do near hard objects that have sharp corners.

The Stockholm Solution!


Grandparents Against Guns likes the Stockholm Solution!

I wonder how many assault rifles you would have to melt down to make this!

The Geezer took this photo in Stockholm, Sweden in October 2012.

GAG (Grandparents Against Guns) What is it?

GAG is grass-roots. Nothing more than an idea. It only exists here.  It comes from a 72 year-old grandfather in Albuquerque, NM who just took a WordPress course. GAG is not incorporated; does not raise funds; and, has no officers, directors or rules. Maybe we should change that; but, for today, it is just an idea.

It is now your idea; your grassroots moment. It is whatever you make it. It is how you feel as a grandparent each time you look at  your grandchildren.

Grandparents exist to protect and guide their grandchildren. No one should stalk them: no one should harm them. Grandparents have nothing to lose; except for their grandchildren, who have everything to lose.

Be a grandparent. No guns near grandchildren.