OODA Loop – For Seniors!

OODA Loop: observe, orient, decide, act.

On Sunday, Thomas Friedman,*  in the New York Times, described  the airforce training principle for use in arial dogfights. Dogfight? Why does the Geezer immediately think of old age and fellow seniors?

Observe where you are, who you are and what your situation is. A mirror helps. List. Don’t  judge at this point; just observe reality, not hopes or fears. Where are you in real time?

Orient yourself using a “senior compass.” Focus on health, economics, family, resources, life expectancy , dementia probabliity, insurance, and any factors unique to you; all the while looking in the mirror. Locate where you are in relation to these factors.

Decide what you are going to do: downsize, move, sell, get a roommate, hospice, long-term care facility. Your decision is based on your observations and orientation; not on what someone else does. The decision should be taken in consultation with your “WingMan.” Test your decision by asking: What happens if I do nothing? Where do I end up?

Act on your decision. You can make adjustments along the way, but you will have a plan thought out; hopefully  prior to senility.

Now you are ready for battle; and, old age is a battle. Your goal is to increase the odds of a pleasant and reasonable old age. It will not be perfect, but will be better than “winging it.” Your “OODA Loop needs to be better than the OODA Loop of old age.

You need a wingman!




The Geezer is still young, but increasingly in denial. He will never fall like other old people, but….. Thinking ahead and noting that the towel racks in his bathroom were always loose (wonder why?), the Geezer while still “rational”  has installed what he sees as “decorative” towel bars, but which can support 500 pounds.

When he experiences a “senior moment,” he has something to grab. More important, it was his choice; and, not a result of the “none too subtle” remarks from his kids. Besides, grab bars make great towel bars; they don’t come loose and clang to the floor when you are only reaching for a towel.

Good taste dictated not showing the Geezer using the grab bars.

geezerTest: The Geezer tests his balance everyday by putting on his underpants while standing and without support.  Do this only if you have a soft place to land.  Do not do near hard objects that have sharp corners.